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    GS3 EMZOOM Beyond the Trend

    GAC second generation 1.5 T engine,

    smooth acceleration and super low fuel consumption

    Electric hidden door handles, Beaming-eye LED headlights

    Intelligent cabin design, Super-size panoramic sunroof

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    EMKOO A design from the future

    All new power assembled 1.5T engine with 177HP

    Technology crosses the limits.

    Super-size touch screen, Crystel electronic gear shifter,

    Panoramic sunroof with electric sunshades.

    Style and luxury beyond your expectations!

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    GS5 Luxury Redefined

    GAC Third generation 270T powerful engine with enjoyable driving experience.

    Latest Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission.

    Aesthetics of light and shadow, standing out from the crowd.

    ‘Bedazzled’ with Matrix LED headlights.

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    GS8 Born To Conquer

    320T powerful engine with smooth and fearless driving experience.

    All new dynamics front grille.

    Luxurious cabin, spacious and comfortable space. Panoramic outlook of life with a wide sunroof.

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    GN6 The Smart MPV

    The Luxury van is designed with Smart technology blended in a majestic and refined exterior

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    EMPOW Empowering the road forward

    Extreme Sporty Style, Thrilling Performance

    1.5 T engine with 170HP

    Class-leading cabin space, Sporty Seats, Ingenious Details,

    Excellent Handling

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    Welcome to Gargash GAC Motor

    The sole authorized distributor of GAC Motor in the UAE

    Since 1918, Gargash Group has established itself as a leading business enterprise. Racing at a pace that defines their success today, Gargash’s drive and passion has seen its portfolio grow to include holdings in automotive, real estate, and investments. The Gargash Group is a great example of corporate growth that has kept itself aligned with the growth of the nation.

    In 2015, Gargash Motors & General Trading signed up with GAC Motor, the leading carmaker from China, to become the exclusive distributor of GAC cars in the United Arab Emirates. Our global expertise, understanding of local markets and regional insights enable us to deliver integrated, innovative and better service & solutions to all UAE customers.

    At Gargash Motors & General Trading, we consider our role as custodians of this proud lineage and more importantly carry out this role in true GAC Motor tradition: offering outstanding quality with unrivalled service