Gargash GAC Motor Dominates the Streets of Dubai with Virgin Radio

GAC gave away a GS4!

An exciting collaboration between Gargash GAC Motor and Virgin Radio, culminated at the GAC Showroom in Deira to pick the lucky winner of a brand new GS4. The air was palpable at the ARN Studios as the finalists were led to the showroom in an amazing convoy led by the Dubai Police.

The motorcade zipped through the streets of Dubai, as each of the contestants hoped that this was their road to victory. Each contestant hoped to win for a myriad of reasons, some wanted it as a birthday gift, some wanted it for their spouses, some wanted it for their parents. Whatever their reason was, each contestant wanted to win. But fortune favours only one.

Ms. Safa, one of the participants turned out to be the lucky winner of the day. She was awestruck by the news that she had actually won.

GAC changed the lives of many families with a GS4

Watching the joy on the faces of their customers is the only thing that GAC needs!